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To stand out from over 700 acts, 2800 scheduled events in over 100 venues at the Tamworth Country Music Festival is a feat not easily accomplished except, it seems, for a group of well-dressed gentlemen (term loosely used) who, for many years now, have been the talk of the festival.  Whether it be their numerous shows at Joe Maguires Pub, or their jammed-packed, regular, special performances in the Tamworth Town Hall or, more recently, their performance in front of 9,000 fans at the Opening Concert in Toyota Park … you can’t help but get caught up in their wonderful Celtic songs and tunes, backed by what seems to be dozens of instruments … and even some humour … apparently.  For something completely different but popular with all age groups and such a great time for all, you won’t be disappointed with Murphy’s Pigs … Tamworth certainly isn’t!! 

Barry Harley

Manager - Events & Country Music Festival, Tamworth Regional Council

I had heard about Murphy’s Pigs over the years and made the effort to catch this band, for the first time, at the opening concert on the Big Stage at Toyota Park, Tamworth Country Music Festival 2019.  They blew me away!  I hadn’t heard some of those old Celtic songs since my childhood in the late sixties when we were encouraged to sing at school.  10 big voices, all in tight harmony, an amazing array of instruments, great songs and tunes.  It’s hard not to be swept along with the emotion of this music.  It brought back fond memories.  I needed to see Murphy’s Pigs in a smaller venue, so I went to the packed-out show at Joe Maguires Pub (twice) during the festival.  Again, they nailed it and that music of theirs kept pulling me back.  But it’s more than just music; it’s a show.  It’s tribal and a fine tribute to the Celtic musical traditions and origins of Australia’s early settlers.  

James Dein

CEO Sound Australia (Qld) / Festival Director, Winton's Way Out West Festival, Savannah in the Round

A ten-piece Celtic band that’s talented, entertaining, funny and good looking is always hard to find. When I found them, I combined them with the Queensland Pops Orchestra and produced the most amazing Celtic concerts you could imagine. Murphy’s Pigs’ professionalism, linked to a healthy disrespect for a conductor (or anyone in authority), ensured that the concerts were going to be unpredictable, colourful and a wonderful experience for an unsuspecting audience. Their music is infectious, their singing authentic and their approach to the Celtic traditions second to none.  It is a delight to work with this band (when we can ensure an adequate level of security backstage) and I’m thrilled to be associated with one of Australia’s finest and diverse Celtic ensembles.

Patrick Pickett CSM

Director / Conductor, Queensland Pops Orchestra

I took Murphy’s Pigs to Festival Interceltique de Lorient (world’s largest Celtic festival) in France in 2006 and again in 2016, to represent Australia and I believe they would have to be one of Australia’s leading Celtic bands.  The band played many times in the Australian pavilion and they were very, very well received.  The rapport they create with the multilingual audiences is tremendous.  Such a dynamic and powerful performance.  Beneath their self-effacing humour, onstage antics and irreverence I found them to be extremely professional and they have a great commitment to their craft.  As the festival’s Australasian delegate (1997- 2016) I have taken many Celtic bands from Australia and New Zealand to the Festival.  Murphy’s Pigs are, without doubt, one of the best.  Great fun!  Great music!  Great Australian ambassadors! 

Kathleen O’Malley

Former Australasian Delegate, Festival Interceltique de Lorient

Too many folk musicians take themselves too bloody seriously.  They frown, try to look detached, and frown again.  Not so Murphy’s Pigs.  This rough-knit group of Queenslanders is here to have fun with the music and the audience.  There’s no sacred ground here and the band is just as comfortable swinging into an Irish, Scottish or American song as it is with a bush song from Australia’s yesteryears. This is meant to be fun … and Murphy’s Pigs can carry that fun with a nod and a wink.

Warren Fahey AM

Australian Folklore Unit, Founder of Larrikin Records

Murphy’s Pigs is a firm Australian Celtic Festival favourite.  Crowds pour into venues where they are playing each and every year.  The Pigs just seem to get better as the years go by.  I love that they are taking old songs and making them new again.  The guys are great to work with, fun to be around and fantastic entertainment the whole family can enjoy.

Lara Gresham

Chair, Australian Celtic Festival

Never heard of them.  Who the @#%& are Murphy’s Pigs??


The Offspring

My children love dancing to Murphy’s Pigs music.  In fact, their music could single-handedly wipeout childhood obesity!

Robyn Ironside

Journalist, The Australian

I have known the music of the band Murphy’s Pigs for several years now and, as a music lover, these guys tick all the boxes for me.  A fun, energetic live show, great songs and popularity with our listeners are just a few of the things that make Murphy’s Pigs one of the standout Aussie bands. Murphy’s Pigs receive regular airplay on 98.9fm and our listeners have warmed to their unique style over the years – they are often requested.  I would highly recommend the band for any live festival opportunities as they definitely know how to entertain a crowd and never disappoint.

Dan Rennie

Programme Manager / Presenter, 98.3fm Brisbane

Murphy’s Pigs has as much quality as it does quantity, with each player contributing to the synergy of the whole.  It’s a sound that captures you heart straightaway and your feet are soon to follow.  As soon as the music starts their enthusiasm for their work becomes obvious, and you quickly realise that this is a performance to be tucked away in a special place in your memory.

Don Jarmey

Neurum Creek Festival

Murphy’s Pigs are a very entertaining band of blokes with a great sense of fun.  They have a real presence onstage.  They were extremely popular with our audience and they couldn’t get enough of them.  They are professional in every way onstage, and in our dealings with them for the event. We look forward to working with them again at our festival.

Sandy Nelson

Administrator, Redfest

Murphy’s Pigs has been performing at the Services Club annually since 2009, either as part of the Australian Celtic Festival or in stand-alone concerts and is the most popular band that has ever performed here.  The queue for the show begins hours before start time and runs around the block.  A crowd of all ages from teenagers to grandparents fill the auditorium to capacity, and their onstage banter and audience interaction has garnered a large and loyal following.  Murphy’s Pigs’ presentation is first class, their concerts are captivating, and they are one of the most professional and talented outfits that I’ve ever worked with.  This award-winning band is, without exception, a talented group of musicians who give all in their performances.  A sure-fire memorable draw card.

Julie Clement

Events & Ents. Manager, Glen Innes District & Services Club

Attending a Murphy’s Pigs gig is transformative. Trust me. Seriously, I’ve never been the same since that first time.  Something touched me deep inside.  Call it a kind of not-unpleasant queasiness, perhaps a touch of nausea … call it discomfort.  No! I’m kidding.  Call it entertainment!  These gentlemen (and I use that term loosely) have played to rapturous acclaim around the world.  They’ll have you tapping your feet, laughing uproariously, and generally breaking out in a cold sweat of delight and enjoyment.  This glorious drove (the collective noun for pigs) is loud, musically very talented, irreverent and funny.  Plus they understand the correct use of the apostrophe.  And what red blooded woman can resist men in suits? it’s a rhetorical question!  Get yourself along to a Murphy’s Pigs gig.  You’ll never be the same!

Sue Wighton

Writer & Accidental Journalist (Courier Mail), Principal Trainer (Write Well)

What are concert!  I certainly wasn’t expecting this.  Backstage was more like a family get together with much laughter and many beers.  That loosely organised bedlam simply transferred itself onto the stage … the mixture of friends, family and fantastically crafted Celtic music – the core of any Pigs performance.  So intoxicating are Murphy’s Pigs that it’s hard to tell who’s in the audience and who’s in the band.  It was like the event was one big stage … truly sensational!

Jamie Dunn (aka Agro)

Entertainer / Presenter, 98.9fm Brisbane


Not many people know this …

Pig Rehearsals??

Because practices are a ‘figment of the imagination’, the band has never played any of the songs the same way twice. Ever!

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