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Murphy’s Pigs has been lucky enough to enjoy the support of some very talented people, forging some long lasting partnerships in the process. We recommend these groups and businesses highly and encourage you to visit their store or websites.  Tell them that we said “G’day”.

Without a doubt, our relationship with Cape Byron Celtic Dance is the closest and most important that we have with any group.  This group of wonderful, award-winning performers from Byron Bay joined us for a concert in 2014 and the audience response convinced us to include them whenever we were able.  At first the girls remained a distinct entity, titling themselves as ‘The Piglets’.  As the number of performances grew a core group of four came on board as permanent members of Murphy’s Pigs.  Skilled in both Irish and Highland dancing, they are, simply, our secret weapon.

The reason why Murphy’s Pigs exists.  The association with the Queensland Irish Association Pipe Band, John in the mid 90s, and Peter in the early 2000s, is the genesis on our ensemble.   Quite simply, if they weren’t there, we wouldn’t be here.  One of the hardest working and most popular pipe bands in Australia, they have performed in Australia and overseas, in Scotland, Ireland, France, and even Tasmania. Government receptions, street marches, corporate and cultural events, festivals, prison riots…they do it all (but they are still hoping like buggery to perform at that elusive Bah Mitzvah). 

These blokes are great supporters and we have been dealing with the team at Guitar Brothers for over 15 years.  Guitars, banjos, bouzoukis, mandolins, pickups, strings, pedals, bags, cases, repairs and other equipment; you name it, they’ve go it.  The shop is huge.  The range of products is immense.  If they haven’t got it in stock they will track it down and get it for you.  The service and advice is bloody fantastic.  All of the staff are experienced musicians, performing in diverse genres.  Go in and have a look around.  You will be glad that you did.  (Don’t mention John’s name…they won’t let you inside)  

Worldwide Queen Street CBD has been integral to the promotion and marketing of Murphy’s Pigs since 2009 and has single-handedly produced and managed all of our branding.  They have provided logo designs, artwork, posters, DL flyers, pop-up banners, business cards, DVD and CD covers, booklets and much more.  They are efficient and empathetic and, although we are not their biggest client, have made us feel as if we are one of their most important. They offer a wide range of printing solutions.  A cunning team of print and artwork ninjas under the leadership of Andrew Robertson. 

Are exquisitely made, hand-crafted acoustic guitars your thing?  Well, Brisbane based luthier, Luke Kallquist, may have the instrument for you.  His guitars are highly sought after and made to suit the customer on all levels. You are involved in the whole process; from wood selection and design to the final set up. You choose the sound, the feel, and the aesthetics. His aim is to create instruments that have that “played in” sound and the feel of the highly sought after vintage instruments.  Talented bugger.  To be honest, we don’t even like him.  But, he paid us a lot for this.  Make sure he gives you an enamel mug. 

Dave has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 40 years, as a performer, instrumental music teacher and technician.  He had performed in numerous ensembles and orchestras, nationally and internationally, before switching to audio engineering in the 90s.  In 1996 he started his own production company as the unseen side of entertainment is where his passion lies. He joined Murphy’s Pigs as production manager in 2021.  If you’re looking for  someone to provide and run production for your event, Dave is the bloke for you (except if he’s already working on a gig with us). 

The hottest gig (43°) was in Tamworth in 2012, and the coldest (-5°) was in Glen Innes in 2015.

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